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Sales, Marketing, Finance – We’ve been helping our clients grow all around the world since 2003.

We are specialized in recruiting professionals in Sweden

When you need help recruiting in Sweden, Rubino Recruitment is small enough for each our clients to matter. Our strength is our commitment to learn to understand your business in depth and your recruitment challenges. We are specialized in recruiting professionals as sales managers, key account managers, marketing managers, marketing assistants, economy assistants and financial assistants to CFOs. The professions that will help lift your business.

Since being founded in 2003, we’ve completed recruitments for most positions in business, with a particular focus on sales, marketing as well as executive managers. We complete about 100 recruitments every year. Our staff all have long employment and life experience, which is often a crucial factor in the recruitment for senior positions.

We have been working with Rubino for a number of years, after trying a number of other actors in the industry. Our collaboration today feels smooth and easy. Always with a strong focus on partnership.

– Kent Mattsson, CEO, SEAB

We offer

Executive recruitment

With the recruitment of a new executive, the board has the unique opportunity to influence the company’s direction. It will be a decision that will affect every aspect of the business and perhaps be a defining moment of the company’s future. To complete a successful high level recruitment, it is crucial to define a clear goal and mandate for the recruitment agency. Combined with our proven process, experienced recruiters and broad contact network, Rubino can contribute significantly to your business’ future. Our many repeat clients are a tribute to the value of our input. We work following strict confidentiality guidelines and represent your business to potential candidates with the utmost professionalism.


Our process is sound and proven. From project definition to making sure the recruited person fits your needs. Below is a short overview of the steps involved. However, for a detailed description we suggest that you book a meeting!

  • Need analysis / requirement profile
  • Search
  • Interviews
  • Presentation
  • Final selection
  • Introduction
  • Follow-up

Temporary manpower

When you find yourself with the need to fill a vacancy quickly, we can fill the gap with competent personnel quickly. Whether it is just for short time or extended period, we can supply qualified staff in the following areas of expertise.

  • Sales
  • Sales executive
  • Key account manager
  • Sales assistant
  • Finance

Our test tool to test reasonably

A test doesn’t prove everything. Especially if you don’t know what you want to know about the person in question. It is important to test competences in relation to your business strategies and goals. That which is interesting to find out is how the candidate’s know-how relates to what s(he) has to achieve and the work s(he) will be doing on a daily basis. We know how to do this. In addition to testing individuals and their skills, we can analyse in greater and broader depth what drives your company’s profitability. Based on your input we can define what behaviour drives your company’s profitability and tailor a recruitment strategy based on that. We’re more than happy to meet with you to explain how this works.

  • Big five profile analysis
  • Master profile analysis, MPA
  • Motivation and behavior, EASI
  • Predict potential, ACE
  • 360 feedback
  • Network analysis
  • Company tailored personality tests
  • Profitable behavior

Why Rubino?

We’re committed to you

By choosing Rubino as a recruitment partner, you get a networked and industry-knowledgeable partner that finds the candidates you need and convinces them to see future opportunities even in less known companies. Everything from search and interviews to the presentation of your company and feedback can be summarized with one word: commitment.

We view recruitment from a sales and project perspective

There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression. Consequently, we are very aware of the sensitivity required to present your company right, and that it will require many tries to find the right person to fill the position in your company. Many of our own staff have a sales background and this allows us to drive the process forward naturally, asking the right questions and listening for the right answers. All so as to attract as many candidates as possible to their new careers.

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