recruitment process
Every assignment is unique, but we have a proven process
Recruitment in all of sweden

It creates structure, makes the selection process more systematic, and ensures higher quality in assessing competencies, experiences, personal qualities, and future potential.

Start up meeting - Timetable and job profile

Who you are and who are you looking for? We establish a clear timetable for the process and collaboratively develop a requirement profile that suits the role, your organization, your culture, and, of course, your future ambitions and goals. We are happy to spend time talking to more relevant individuals in your organization to get a good understanding of your needs.

It is important for us to understand who you are in order to find the right candidate who can grow and evolve with you, but also for us to represent you in the best possible way.”

Presentation longlist

We present an initial larger selection of candidates. This step is important to ensure that we are on the right track and that we have correctly understood the assignment. It is also crucial for you as the client to see the type of candidates who have applied for the position and are available. Potentially, we adjust the advertisement slightly and may update the search strategy based on your input.

Selection and Interviews

We select the most interesting candidates for an initial round of interviews. This is where our extensive experience becomes crucial. For us, it’s important not only to find the right candidate according to the job profile but also to identify those with the greatest potential for development.

In our interactions with candidates, respect, kindness, and professionalism are key. Personal integrity is important to us, and we take GDPR requirements very seriously. You can read more about it in our privacy policy.

Candidate presentation

We present 3-4 candidates whom we recommend the client to meet. We are happy to participate in these interviews if desired.

The interviews are preferably held at our office in central Stockholm to ensure the confidentiality of the candidates.

After meeting all the candidates, we together select those who will proceed to the final phase.

Tester - som komplement

Tests aren’t everything, but they’re a valuable supplement in the recruitment process. What’s important is to assess competencies based on strategy and goals. The key is to match the candidate’s skills with the job tasks and the goals to be achieved.

In all our recruitment processes, the Master MPA personality profile analysis of final candidates is included. However, we have extensive experience with other testing tools to assess logical reasoning, potential, motivation, and behaviors. You can read more about our testing tools here.

Final interviews and case

We always recommend both candidates and clients to meet each other on several occasions. It is of utmost importance for all parties to feel comfortable with a new employee or position.

During the final interview, the results from the tests are available, and feedback is provided if it hasn’t been given earlier. Any outstanding questions regarding the employment or the company can be discussed, and any uncertainties can be clarified.

We also recommend that candidates applying for senior positions present a case. This provides us with greater insight into the candidate’s skills and relevance for the position. It also gives the candidate a better understanding of the company and what the role will entail.

References and extended back ground check

Finally, we interview 3-4 references to gather additional information and confirmation of the candidate’s abilities and competencies.

We always conduct an initial check in public databases before each interview. If requested, we also carry out further background checks on the final candidate. This includes mapping out corporate engagements, payment remarks, and criminal and civil proceedings.


Finally, the employer and the candidate agree on the employment terms. Here, we are happy to provide assistance with HR expertise and other support.

A good introduction fosters a sense of belonging and enhances the performance of the new employee. We provide advice and guidance to ensure that your new employee gets off to the best possible start. After a few months, we contact both the newly hired employee and you to ensure that everyone is satisfied.